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Our Overseas Principals :

1. Signal Isolator, Bargraph Indicator, Temparature Controller, Scanner, Signal Isolator, Calibrator - Make : MASIBUS –India
2. Differential Pressure Transmitter, Hart Communicator, Loop Controller Make : Smar, Brazil
3. Analog Panel Meters (W), Digital Panel Meter, Multifunction Meters, Power Supply, Transducers, Isolators, Current Transformers, Shunts, Digital Multimeter, Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers, Energy Management System Make : Rishabh Instruments, India
4. PLC5, SLC-500, Micrologix, Control Logix, Flex Logix, Compact logix - Make : Allen-Bradley, China /India
5. FX, FX1N, FX2N, FX1S, FxoS Series, AnS CPU, Q Series, Beijer, GOT – Make : Mitsubishi, Japan
6. S7-200, S7-300, S7-400. PLC – Make : Siemens
7. Level Transmitters Conventional, Level Switches, Submersible Level Transmitters – Make : Klay Instruments, Netherlands.
8. Rotary Paddle Level Indicator, Models KA and KAX, Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle Level Indicator, SafePoint®, RF Capacitance Sensors, Proximity Bin Level Switch, Vibratory Level Probes, Diaphragm Level Switches, Tilt Level Switches – Make : Monitor Technologies LLC, USA
9. Blocked Chute Protection Switches, Continuous Level Transmitters, Sonar Bed Level System, Point Level Switches, Magnetic Level Gauge, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter, Machinery Anti Collision Systems, Machinery Positioning Systems – Make : Hawk Measurement Systems, Australia .
11. Belt Scale, Weigh feeder, Flow Meter, Load Cell - Make : TC process Equipment, Australia
12. Hydraulic Torque Tools & Pumps, Pneumatic Torque Tools, Tensioners & Reaction Washers Make : Hytorc, USA
13. Lab Testing Instruments, Test Chambers, Environmental Test Chamber Laboratory Incubators, Humidity Chamber, BOD Incubator, Cooling Chamber Vacuum Oven, Lab Ovens, Deep freezers - Make : Nordic Scientific & Natural Solution AB, Sweden .
14. Technical Education TurnKey Projects (TETKP), Lab Equipment, Training Kits– Make : Edibon, Spain .
15. Industrail Fan, Blower, ID /FD Fan, Cyclones • Multiclones • Bag Filters - Make : Laxmi Engineering Wiorks, India
16. Magnum Wafer and Split Wafer, Thor Split Body, Brass ball valve, Cast iron ball valve Stainless steel ball valve, Carbon steel ball valve, PVC ball valve, Other thermal processing equipment, Crucible melting furnaces, Hardening tanks - Make : Omal Automation, Italy .
17. Dairy products: Monitor and buy lyrica control the total solids in dairy and milk products
Construction industry: Monitor and control the total solids in gypsum wallboard's
Sugar industry: Monitor and control the °BRIX of sugar solution's
Drinks industry: Monitor and control the °BRIX of syrup (soft drinks)
Power production: Monitor and control the total solids in a synthetic gypsum slurry
Surfactants or fabric softener: Monitor and control the total solids of surfactants or fabric softener Customised thermal processing equipment designed to customer specification Make: Harrer & Kassen GmbH, Germany .
18. Filter Press, Membrane Press Make : M/s.Hydro Press Industries
19. Progressive Cavity Pumps, Twin Screw Pumps, Triple screw pumps, Sanitary Lobe pumps, Gear Pumps, Centrifugal Slurry Pumps, Chemical Pumps -
Make: Hydro Prokav Pumps India Pvt. Ltd, India
20. Machining Pump Casing at HMC, Machining of Heavy Cylinder, Mill Bearing Industrial Steel Spacers - Make : HIGH PRECISION INDUSTRY, India
21. Gear Box – Make : Motovario Gear Solutions Private Limited
22. Process Modules and Skid Units, Heat Transfer Systems, Pressure Vessels and Store Tanks, Batch and Plug Flow Reactors, Material Handling Systems, Structural Steel Fabrication– Make : Fillworth (UK) Ltd
23. Foam Control Agent - Ucon 50 – Make : Chemo, India
24. S.S Tubes – Make : Prakash Steelage Limited, India
25. Nickel Screen – Make : AUTUL Electro, India
26. Sugar Screens, Perforated Metals, Wire Meshes, Wedge Wire Screens, Special Purpose Machine. – Make: Fine Perforators, India
27. Induction Motor, Servo Motor – Make : TECO, Singapore / Kirlosker India / Hysoung, Korea / CG, India .
28. Pressure Gage – Make: WISE Control, Korea / ALOT, India.
29. Alarm Enunciator - Make: Minilec, India
30. Dyno Drives, Tension Controller – Make : Dynespede, India
31. Sugar Centifugal Machine - Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd, UK

Our Main Brands